ADS-B In An Older Plane?
We go through the process step by step and look at five popular options for owners on a budget and for those with a budget more »
Shock & Awe
Taking LSA performance to a crazy new level more »

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    Expecting Immediate Failure
    Planning a departure alternate before leaving the ground can make all the difference in an emergency more »
    Redbird GIFT
    Redbird’s virtual CFI comes alive more »
    FAA’s Checklist Warning Makes Sense, Except That It Doesn’t
    The question is, should you modify your OEM checklist in any way? Here’s why it’s not an easy call. more »

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    Dubious ADS-B Milestone Reached
    With just two years left before the mandate takes effect, there's still a long way to go more »
    Precision Approach Adds UAS Insurance
    Through Sporty's, Precision Approach insurance has been around for a year. Now it's available for drones, too. more »
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    Flying The Presidential TFR
    Aviate, navigate, communicate? Well, yes, but if you plan to penetrate a Presidential TFR, those happen only after find, phone, copy, file. more »
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