Sling 4 Turbo
A globe-girdling four-place from South Africa lands in the United States. more »
Cessna Citation M2: Still The One
Is the oldest entry-level bizjet still best in class? more »
Beyond ICON: 5 Seaplane Alternatives
With delivery delays of at least a year for the ICON A5, we look at five alternatives—four Light Sport models and a cool Experimental—that just might float your flying boat more »

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    Pilotless Planes
    Move over Google and Tesla. Global aircraft manufacturers are testing fully autonomous passenger planes and the results are nothing short of groundbreaking. more »
    Flying High Unpressurized
    If you fly above 10,000 feet, be aware of the warning signs of hypoxemia. Learn how to avoid it and what steps to take if it happens to you. more »
    Choosing A CFI
    Not every CFI has been instructing for ages, and that’s a good thing. Here’s why a freshly minted instructor could be the best choice for you. more »

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    Stratos 714 Makes First Flight
    The new single-engine jet starts the FAA certification process. more »
    Supporting WWII Aircraft Restoration
    The Commemorative Air Force’s “12 Planes of Christmas” online giving campaign runs throughout December. more »
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