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Saturday, September 1, 2007

25 Great Aviation Websites

Flying the Internet is shifting from a flight of fancy to an icon of information

25 Great Aviation WebsitesAnyone looking to find the facet of flying that has grown the most over the past decade will discover that it’s the part of aviation on the Internet. What began as a mere curiosity some years ago is now a well-established component in most pilots’ lives. Never before have we been able to find so much information about the passion we share.
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Never been to a particular airport before? Want to know about the runways, location, frequencies and so forth? This is the place to come. It also has details about airport businesses and services and hotels and other local services nearby.

You fly by them so you need to know the FARs, but sometimes finding the right one is difficult. Use this Website to peruse and find specific FARs. In theory, the FARs available on this site are accurate and up to date. What more can you ask?
Your trusty E6B can do density altitude calculations easily—provided you have it with you and still remember how to use it. This Website has an easy-to-use density altitude calculator. Fill in the blanks and push the “Calculate” button and you’ll find out the density altitude, absolute pressure (in Hg) and percent of relative density. It would be nice if it were designed to enter the data in the same order as the ATIS and even nicer if temperatures were in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, but it’s still a very useful tool for hot and high airports.
The heading on this site is “Defense Internet NOTAM Service.” If that isn’t enough to get your attention, this site contains a whole slew of links to different kinds of information, including ARTCC TFRs. This is another good site to hit before you get your weather briefing so that you’ll be prepared to ask questions if necessary.
Every pilot operates under the aegis of the FAA. Enough said.
Any traveler to a new destination who wants to know the current weather should visit this Website for not only the correct frequency, but the phone number and a link to the NOAA weather page for that airport. This is a very useful tactical site, and it will be even more useful when you can legally make cell phone calls from an airplane.
Looking for inexpensive fuel? There are a number of Websites that provide this kind of service, but Fillup Flyer Fuel Finder is probably the most well known. There’s a fee, either annual or for each report, but depending on how much you fly, the fee can be recovered in a reasonable time through fuel savings.


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