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Saturday, September 1, 2007

25 Great Aviation Websites

Flying the Internet is shifting from a flight of fancy to an icon of information

25 Great Aviation WebsitesAnyone looking to find the facet of flying that has grown the most over the past decade will discover that it’s the part of aviation on the Internet. What began as a mere curiosity some years ago is now a well-established component in most pilots’ lives. Never before have we been able to find so much information about the passion we share.
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You have to register to use the flight-planning services of this site, but the planning features are designed to get the job done. No frills—it simply makes the job of flight planning straightforward.
Odds are that you won’t face any aviation legal problems, but if you’re ever in a position requiring legal help for an aviation situation, then this is the place to come. There’s a lot of useful free information. If the situation is serious, there’s a lawyer behind the screen to help. It’ll cost you, however!
Don’t ask any questions, just add this to your list of favorites. This site has technical and explanatory information on a variety of aerodynamics-related topics. You may not need this site today or tomorrow, but at some point you’ll need to know more about aerodynamics and this should be your starting point.
The article you’re reading provides a selection of URLs to some neat aviation-related Websites; this Website does the same, in spades. This is a site you might as well add to your favorites and learn about when you have time.
This isn’t necessarily a Website for pleasure reading, but it’s a well of information for those hoping to learn from others’ mistakes. Each aviation accident chronicled on this site can offer something that might save your life one day. It may be somber reading, but there’s lots to learn from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
Whether you’re just dreaming about a new airplane or actively shopping, Aircraft Shopper Online is a good place to get the lay of the land. All the mainstream aircraft are there, and the best news is that all of the information is free.


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