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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Aviation’s Top Websites

In slightly more than a decade, the World Wide Web has gone from being a mere novelty to one of the most important tools available. Now, with a click of the mouse, pilots can access live weather, plan flights with previously unheard-of flexibilities, check fuel prices, find aircraft values, search databases, take virtual tours of museums and study volumes of hard-to-access aviation product information. In the proceeding pages, Plane & Pilot has assembled the best online sites for pilots who are searching for excellent resources on the Internet." />

Choose from certified aircraft, the Columbia 350 or 400, or kit aircraft, from the Legacy FG to the ES.

Liberty Aerospace:
Learn all about the XL2.

Luscombe Aircraft Corporation:
See the 11E, the newest revamp on the age-old classic.

Maule Air Inc.:
The site for Maule’s 19 standard models of its STOL aircraft.

Mooney Airplane Company:
Everything you need to know about the Ovation, Ovation2 DX and GX, and Bravo DX and GX.

New Piper Aircraft:
The most famous low-wing site, including information about Piper aircraft, from the Warrior III to the Meridian.

Raytheon Aircraft Company:
All the information you need to know about the Beechcraft family of aircraft.

EADS Socata:
Read up on the latest Socata aircraft developments, from the TB9 GT to the TBM700, in cyberspace.

WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation:
Relive the history and take a virtual tour of the new-production YMF Super.

The Department of Treasury’s Seized Aircraft Auctions:
Let the buyer beware, but the aircraft seized by the federal government often are resold at substantial savings over normal book values. Airplanes frequently come without logbooks or any history of maintenance, but for the informed shopper, government aircraft auctions are worth the extra attention.

LoPresti Speed Merchants:
These are modifications to speed up a wide range of single- and twin-prop aircraft. Products include replacement cowls, wheel pants, gap seals, wingtips, fairings, strobe lights and wheel covers.

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