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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buyer’s Mini-Guide To Four-Seat Singles

Four-place singles always have been the measuring stick of the industry

Lancair Evolution
If you’re a retired fighter pilot and you’ve won the lotto, the Evolution may be just what you’re looking for. Currently, the Evolution is only available as a homebuilt, so you do have to build it, but if the market turns around, Lancair hopes to certify the model within three years. Either way, the Evolution offers performance that’s in the VLJ category. There are two engine choices available: a P&W PT6A-135A turboprop boasting 750 shp and a Lycoming TEO-540-E2 piston mill. The turbine version generates a 4,000 fpm climb and cruise of 330 knots, while the piston model vaults uphill at 2,000 fpm and zips along at 280 knots. Both airplanes are pressurized to 6 psi, allowing an 8,500-foot cabin at a max 28,000 feet. Lancair COO Tom Bowen says the company is proceeding with the certification program, but at a slow pace. The homebuilt Evolution kits continue to be delivered, and nearly a dozen airplanes have been completed.


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