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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Shopping In The Fast Lane

A turbine buyer’s guide

Still In The Works

We don't know yet when these airplanes will show up or exactly how much they'll cost, but here are three new single-engine turbines working their way to certification.

HKestrel. Now located in Wisconsin, the company has made considerable progress toward selecting components and configuring the airplane. With seating for up to eight and a full fuel payload of 1,200 pounds, the Kestrel can hop 1300 nm between fuel stops. A 5,000-hour TBO Honeywell TPE331-14GR, 1000 hp turboprop engine produces a 320 KTAS top speed. Delivery and prices haven't been announced yet. Contact:

Diamond D-Jet. Resurrected in 2011, the single-engine D-Jet will be certified to FL 250 at speeds up to 315 KTAS. With seating for four to five, the D-Jet is projected to have a range of 1,350 nm and a price approaching $2 million. Contact:

Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet. The single-engine Vision Jet program is back on track with new funding and ongoing flight testing. Certified to FL 280, it will have a maximum speed of 300 KTAS and a maximum range of 1,440 nm. Garmin's Perspective avionics system with SVT has been selected for the flight deck. Price is anticipated to be less than $2 million. Contact:


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