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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Lure Of The Backcountry

Visiting a world only pilots know

Cub Crafters
Not only can you buy a brand-new Super Cub clone from Cub Crafters, but they've improved the breed with several variations like their Carbon Cub. The Super Cub is still the standard by which all other bush/backcountry airplanes are measured. Price: $205,480 (Top Cub); $163,200 (Carbon Cub).

Found Expedition
The Expedition Big Foot is a long way from beinga small airplane (3,800 pounds gross), but you can fill the tanks and still have 900 pounds of usefulleft. Price: $565,000.

GippsAero GA8 Airvan
Another heavy hauler (eight-place!), the Airvan GA8 comes with either a 300 hp recip or 320 hp turbine. Being Australian, it was built with hostile environments in mind and allows you to carry everything, including the kitchen sink, with you. Price: $699,000.

Petersen Performance: Katmai/260SE
Technically, the Petersen aircraft are modified 182s (yours or theirs), but they're both faster and slower and the ultimate in STOL performance for the masses. Anyone can make them perform with a minimum of experience. Price: $101,485 (full conversion); $255,000 (remanned "new" aircraft).

Maule Air
One of the oldest names in the utility aircraft community, the Maule is a dead-simple four-place airplane that comes with a wide variety of engines 160 to 420 hp (turbine), with both tail- and nose-dragger landing gears. Contact Maule for pricing.


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