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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Lure Of The Backcountry

Visiting a world only pilots know

Finding Training

There are a number of operations that offer training for bush flying that apply to backcountry and off-airport operations. Here are several places to start.

Above Alaska Aviation

Talkeetna, Ala.
As they put it, "These courses are not for the weak of heart!"

Andover Flight Academy
Andover, N.J.
Basic and advanced tailwheel instruction, plus a bush-flying course.

Alaska Cub Training Specialists
Wasilla, Ala.
Super Cub-specific training in tailwheel checkouts, bush and mountain flying

At Andover Flight Academy, Damian DelGaizo specializes in tailwheel training and  bush flying.
Alaska Bush Pilots
Washington and Alaska
Customized training done on site anywhere in the world. Student supplies the airplane.

Big Tire Bush Flying School
Boulder, Colo.
They offer bush- and mountain-flying courses
in a modified Maule M5 210c on 31-inch
Alaskan Bushwheels.

A number of online Bush Flying Simulations exist. AVSIM is one of those.


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