Saturday, August 1, 2009


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 950. Empty wt. 575. Fuel capacity 17. Wingspan 26'5". Length 17'9".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 110. Cruise mph 100. Stall mph 34. Climb rate 1,200. Takeoff run 200. Landing roll 250. Range 350.

The Baby Ace is an ultralight monoplane specially designed for the amateur builder. It is the successor to the original Corben Baby Ace, which first flew in 1931 and was extensively redesigned in 1955 as the Model D. Baby Aces usually carry Continental engines rated from 65 to 85 hp, and owners consider their performance excellent. Construction consists of a steel-tube fuselage, all-wood wings, and fabric covering. Kits for model D and E are still offered.


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