Wednesday, July 1, 2009


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 768. Empty wt. 520. Fuel capacity 30. Wingspan 17'6". Length 14'.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 95. Cruise mph 85. Stall mph 45. Ceiling 12,000. Takeoff run 300. Landing roll 400. Range 150.

The Scamp can be used for limited acrobatics and is stressed to +3G and -3G. The single-seat biplane is powered by a modified Volkswagen engine (1,600 to 2,100cc) turning a fixed-blade prop. Standing on tricycle landing gear, it utilizes a T-tail, a lightweight-metal two-spar wing structure, and a semi-monocoque lightweight- alloy fuselage. First flown in 1973, the Scamp can be built from either plans or a kit and is still on the market.


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