Wednesday, July 1, 2009


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 750. Empty wt. 441. Fuel capacity 15. Main rotor length 24'. Length 12'2". Engine 65-hp Continental. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 115. Cruise mph 90. Climb rate 700. Ceiling 14,000. Takeoff run 200. Landing roll 0-20. Range 250.

The Barnett Gyroplane is a single-place craft constructed of tubular steel, fiberglass, and aluminum. Its pusher prop is powered by a 65-hp Continental engine. The pilot sits inside an enclosed cabin shell. The J3-M differs from the J-4B by replacing the molded fiberglass cockpit nacelle with a flat-sided fabric-covered structure. Both models are fitted with tricycle gear and disc brakes. The company has changed its name to Barnett Rotorcraft and currently markets the J-4B.


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