Tuesday, September 1, 2009


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 350. Empty wt. 100. Fuel capacity 4. Wingspan 34'. Length 20'. Engine 15-hp Tally Aircraft M.C.101 DT.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 60. Cruise mph 54. Stall mph 19. Climb rate 350. Ceiling 12,500. Takeoff run 75. Landing roll 25. Range 200.

Because it is a mere 100 pounds, there is no debate that the Birdman TL-1 is an ultralight craft. In an effort to emphasize ease of construction and light weight, an unusual heat-shrink-to-fit synthetic mylar skin, Monokote, is used to cover the wood and foam-reinforced wings. The fuselage is a standard plywood monocoque, and the tail section is a V-type. While the main gear is attached underneath the wing, the pilot’s legs and feet take the place of a nose wheel.

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