Thursday, February 18, 2010


STANDARD DATA: (Equipped with the 380-hp Lycoming.) Gross wt. 3,142. Empty wt. 2,033. Fuel capacity 47-92. Wingspan 24'4". Length 23'10".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 322. Cruise mph 293. Stall mph 86. Climb rate 2, 100. Ceiling 28,000. Takeoff run (50) 2,000. Landing run (50) 1,300. Range 1,323.

Dr. D.F. Brokaw, with the aeronautical engineering help of Dr. Ernest R. Jones, developed a high-speed homebuilt with good cross-country capability, comfortable seating for two in tandem fashion, retractable gear, full-IFR capability, and the ability to perform aerobatics. The prototype took Brokaw seven years to build, but offspring can be built in about three years working from plans. The original powerplant was a 285-hp Continental, but the most common options are a 310-hp Continental or the 380-hp Lycoming turning a Sensenich three-blade propeller. Standard fuel capacity is 47 gallons with 45 auxiliary gallons, and all fuel is carried in the wings. The fuselage, wings, tail, and all control surfaces are built from lightweight alloy. The tricycle landing gear is retractable. The Bullet ranks as one the highest performance homebuilts in the skies because it is stressed to 6G for aerobatic with a 322 mph top speed and a service ceiling of 28,000 feet.


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