Tuesday, December 16, 2008


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 800. Empty wt. 525. Fuel capacity 10. Wingspan 19'. Length 17'8".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 225. Cruise mph 180. Stall mph 65. Climb rate 3,000. Takeoff run 500. Range 360.

One of the more successful Formula I racers is the Shoestring. Constructed from the conventional combination of steel tubing, wood, and fabric, the tiny racer houses a 100-hp 0-200 Continental engine. The aircraft first flew in 1949 and entered its first competition in 1950. By 1974, the Shoestring racer had accumulated 14 first places in major air race competitions. Other recommended engines are the Continental 85-and 90-hp versions.


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