Friday, January 22, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 2,050. Empty wt. 1,050. Engine 180-hp Lycoming 0-360.
PERFORMANCE: Top Cruise mph 220. Stall mph 42. Climb rate 1,200. Ceiling 20,000'+. Range 900-1,300 nm.

Designed by Burt Rutan, the Cozy Mark IV is one of the most popular four place composites in the air. The Cozy features forward canards, which provide two lifting surfaces. With canards, wings can have less area, less span and a lower weight loading. Drag is reduced and the performance is enhanced. The Cozy resembles the Velocity, but is completely plan built. The rear pusher-propeller makes the aircraft unsuitable for unimproved landing surfaces. Rutan no longer sells his plans or kits, but offers full support for current owners at the Mojave, California airport.


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