Friday, January 22, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Single-seater) Gross wt. 374 lbs. Empty wt. 138 lbs. Wingspan 15'. Length 12'5". Engines: various.
PERFORMANCE: Top Cruise mph 124. Standard cruise mph 105. Climb rate 1,000 fpm. G-limits +9/-4.5G Take off run 450'. Ceiling 15,000'. Range 400 nm.

Michele Colmban thought up the unique twin engine design in 1971 and ultimately named it after his daughter’s nickname. Construction is all metal with standard stick-n-rudder controls. Ailerons span the entire length of the wing allowing the airplane to be considered acrobatic. Almost two hundred Cri-Cris have been built and registered. Plans are no longer available.


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