Monday, June 1, 2009


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 893. Empty wt. 525. Fuel capacity 9-14. Wingspan 20'4". Length 15'. Engine 65-hp Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 156. Cruise mph 141. Stall mph 50. Climb rate 1,500. Ceiling 12,000. Takeoff run 600. Landing roll 550. Range (14 gals) 480.

The Hawk is a single-seat low-wing monoplane stressed to 9 Gs. Originally it was designed to be built around a surplus 200-gallon drop-tank, but plans also provide for a bulkhead and stressed-skin structure. The wings are built with twin light-alloy spars, and the landing gear is the non-retractable tricycle type. Fuel is carried in a forward tank with the capacity of nine gallons, but an optional 14-gallon tank can be added in the aft section.

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