Tuesday, October 21, 2008


FP Youngster

FP RS Tiger Moth



STANDARD DATA: Seats: 1; Gross weight: 500 lbs.; Empty weight: 250 lbs.; Fuel capacity: 13 gals.; Wingspan: 29 ft.; Length: 18 ft.; Engine horsepower: 28.
PERFORMANCE: Top cruise speed: 60 mph; Stall speed: 26 mph; Climb rate: 900 fpm; Takeoff run: 95 ft.; Landing roll: 125 ft.; Range: 135 nm.

STANDARD DATA: Seats: 1; Gross weight: 450 lbs.; Empty weight: 235 lbs.; Fuel capacity: 13 gals.; Wingspan: 27.8 ft.; Length: 16.6 ft.; Engine horsepower: 25.
PERFORMANCE: Top speed: 60 mph; Cruise speed: 45 mph; Stall speed: 25 mph; Climb rate: 800 fpm; Takeoff run: 125 ft.; Landing roll: 125 ft.

STANDARD DATA (Youngster): Seats: 1; Gross weight: 650 lbs.; Empty weight: 400 lbs.; Fuel capacity: 12 gals.; Wingspan: 18 ft.; Length: 15.6 ft.; Engine: 50 hp Rotax. PERFORMANCE: Cruise speed: 90 mph; Stall speed: 32 mph; Climb rate: 700 fpm; Takeoff run: 200 ft.; Landing roll: 250.

This North Dakota company manufacturers more than 15 airplane kits, including a replica of the classic Tiger Moth. Products run the gamut from the FP202, a Piper Cub lookalike to low-wing cruisers and traditional biplane designs. Fisher Flying Products’ entire line of aircraft is sold throughout the United States and in 30 foreign countries.


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