Tuesday, October 21, 2008


STANDARD DATA: Gross weight: 650 lbs.; Empty weight: 390 lbs.; Fuel capacity: 5 gals.; Wingspan: 28 ft.; Length: 15.8 ft.; Engine: 40 hp Volkswagen.
PERFORMANCE: Top speed: 90 mph; Cruise speed: 80 mph; Stall speed: 34 mph; Climb rate: 600 fpm; Takeoff run: 250 ft.; Landing roll: 250 ft.; Range: 175 nm.

The Scooter was originally powered by a Cushman golf cart engine, which was ultimately replaced by a 1,500 cc VW engine rated at 40 hp. At the 1967 EAA meet, this tiny high-wing, enclosed-cabin taildragger received both “Outstanding Ultralight” and “Outstanding Volkswagen Powered” awards. Construction is of wood with a plywood covering, except for the aft section of the fuselage, which is fabric-covered. The VW engine is mounted over the cabin and turns a two-blade propeller. The Scooter is now marketed by Rotor Wings & Flying Machines.


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