Tuesday, December 16, 2008


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 650. Empty wt. 430. Fuel capacity 9. Wingspan 19'8". Length 15'2". Engine 60- to 70-hp Volkswagen.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 125. Cruise mph 110. Stall mph 48. Climb rate 800. Ceiling 12,000. Takeoff run 200. Landing roll 300. Range 400.

Harmon chose the long-established combination of a welded steel-tube fuselage and tail surfaces with a wooden spar and rib wings. In addition, the wings can be easily removed for storage and towing. The entire aircraft can be built with hand tools, except for the use of a welding rig. Mr. America’s powerplant is a nearly stock 1,600cc Volkswagen engine bored to 1,650cc. The engine develops an honest 60 hp to produce what is said to be rapid acceleration on takeoff to about 800 fpm at 90 mph during initial climb.

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