Thursday, February 18, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 6'6". Length 16'11".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 85. Cruise mph 80. Stall mph 40. Climb rate 500. Takeoff run (50) 400. Landing run (50') 400. Range 180.

The single-seat “Beta Bird” was first flown at Mojave, California, in April 1979. It is powered by a 1,385cc converted VW engine and offers the homebuilder-simplified methods of construction. The wings fold for transport or storage. The fuselage pod is plywood and spruce construction with a stiffened aluminum tailboom to support the tail. The wings are spruce in a two-spar configuration, and the ribs are single-piece aluminum tubes. The tail group is fabricated from aluminum tubing, pop-riveted together with gussets, and covered with Dacron. Only 250 feet are needed for takeoff and landing, and the 7.5 gallons of fuel yield 180 miles.


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