Thursday, February 18, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 310. Empty wt. 122. Fuel capacity 1/2 gallon. Wingspan 16'4". Length 12'11".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 45. Cruise mph 45. Stall mph 26. Climb rate 200. Takeoff run (50') 300. Landing run (50') 300. Range 22.

This 15-hp, 300-pound gross-weight biplane is the ultimate in lightness and simplicity. The tail surfaces are constructed from 1/2-inch-thick Styrofoam art board faced with high-strength craft paper on both sides; the critical areas are reinforced with 1/8-inch plywood gussets. The tail boom is a 3-inch aluminum pipe filled with foam to resist buckling. The fuselage is basically a 6-inch wide box of plywood filled with foam that serves as an engine mount and a mast support for the wings. The prop is chain driven from a 15-hp McCulloch, twocycle, go-kart engine. The wings have two spars and are fabric covered.


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