Tuesday, February 10, 2009


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 600. Empty wt. 291. Wingspan 24.93'. Length 16'. Engine 25-50-hp Volkswagen.
PERFORMANCE: (23 hp). Top mph 84. Cruise mph 77. Stall mph 39. Climb rate 244. Ceiling 6,820. Range 310. Takeoff run 761. Landing run (50) 1,256.

The prototype Don Quixote designed and built by M.R. Janowski was powered by a 230-hp two-stroke Saturn engine, also designed by Janowski. However, several problems were inherent in the two-stroke engine, and so the more readily available Volkswagen engine was settled upon. A heavier engine called for strengthening the airplane’s structure. To cover the widest range of homebuilders in various countries, it was decided that the Don Quixote would make use of conventional wood and fabric along with more modern polyurethane foam and epoxy/fiberglass. The J-113 can withstand loading of +4G and -2G, but in the fiberglass version of the plane, +6G and -3G are possible. Construction of the plane follows conventional building rules with spruce wood, birch plywood, and flat sheets of Plexiglas as basic materials.

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