Tuesday, February 10, 2009


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 1,118. Empty wt. 638. Fuel capacity 20. Wingspan 20'. Length 20'.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 140. Cruise mph 120. Stall mph 55. Climb rate 1,000. Takeoff run 600. Landing roll 600. Range 440.

The Lacey is one of the simplest designs for the homebuilder to construct. In the words of its designer, “There are no compound curves and very few simple ones. The wing has no wash-in, no wash-out, no dihedral, and no incidence angle; the wing’s bottom is flat and fits flat on top of the fuselage. It has no taper, no slots, no flaps, no spoilers, no wingtips, no struts, no wires, no braces, and no spars.” The two-place towable Lacey is propelled by a 90-hp Continental.


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