Thursday, February 18, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 750. Empty wt. 450. Fuel capacity 7.5. Wingspan 25'. Length 20'9".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 85. Cruise mph 75. Stall mph 28. Climb rate 450. Takeoff run 250. Landing roll 120. Range 180.

This single-seat strut-braced parasol monoplane carries Volkswagen air-cooled engines rated from 30 to 65 hp. First flown in 1936, the design was upgraded in 1960 to handle 55-hp engines and up. The Luton Minor’s wings are built around a wooden two-spar structure in two halves and supported by a tubular centersection pylon structure. The wings are removable for transporting and storage. The fuselage is an all-wood plywood-covered structure. Plans are now being sold by Popular Flying Association.


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