Monday, March 15, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 925. Empty wt. 506. Fuel capacity 10. Wingspan 18'8". Length 18'10". Engine 65- to 70-hp Volkswagen.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 165. Cruise mph 140. Stall mph 45. Climb rate 750. Takeoff run 900. Landing roll 500. Range 420.

After enjoying success with his original VW-powered Sonerai, John Monnett decided to develop the Sonerai II, a tandem-seated version. Both pilot and passenger sit under a bubble canopy that is hinged on the right side. The Sonerai II differs mainly by being slightly larger, making use of a somewhat more powerful engine, and by being stressed for aerobatics when flown by the pilot alone. The Sonerai II is now manufactured by Great Plains Aircraft, Inc.


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