Monday, March 15, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 750. Empty wt. 440. Fuel capacity 11. Wingspan 16'8". Length 16'8".
PERFORMANCE: Cruise mph 150. Stall mph 40. Climb rate 1,200. Takeoff run 500. Landing roll 500. Range 300.

The 150-mph Sonerai is a real “spark plug” in the VW/racing picture. This midwing sport plane/racer was designed to meet all PRPA Formula VEE requirements for 1,600cc VW-powered aircraft. Its wings are aluminum, built with folding panels so the aircraft can be towed tail-first on its own gear. Fuselage and tail are of standard chrome-moly tubing. Cowling is fiberglass, and fuselage and tail surfaces are fabric covered.


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