Friday, March 13, 2009


Glasair, Fixed Gear

Glasair II

PERFORMANCE: Top speed mph 327. Stall mph 73. Climb rate 2,140-2,990 fpm. Ceiling 24,000-30,000' (turbocharged). Range 1,060-1,421 nm.
Glasair III

STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 2,400. Empty wt.1,625. Fuel capacity 65-84. Wingspan 23.3'. Length 21.3'. Engine 300-hp Lycoming IO-540-K.

This impressive design has evolved considerably since its inception with Stoddard Hamilton. The latest version, the Glasair III, has grown 30" in overall fuselage length, both forward and aft of the cockpit. The increased length has given the III markedly improved longitudinal and directional stability, making it an impressive platform for serious cross-country and IFR flying. The Glasair II, in both a retractable and fixed gear version, is a less powerful version of the airframe, but with many of the same characteristics as the top-ofthe-line Glasair III. With years of refinements to the airframe and its components, the Glasair kits are extremely well designed and thought out. The resulting performance is truly remarkable.


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