Thursday, March 11, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 960. Empty wt. 537. Wingspan 16'8". Engine 63-64 Revmaster Volkswagen.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 180. Climb rate 1,000. Range 750. Takeoff run 500.

The Q2 is a newer two-place side-by-side version of the composite-construction Quickie canard-platform aircraft. It is designed for high performance on low horsepower with high efficiency. The proven Revmaster 2100-D was detuned to just under 65 hp by removing the blower and running the engine RPM back down to 3,200. Typical cruise for the Q2 is 155 mph at a 12,000-foot density altitude burning 3.6 gph for 45 mpg. According to its designers, the Q2’s equivalent flatplate area is 1.37, cleaner than the Glasair or the original VW-powered VariEze prototype. Like the Quickie, the Q2 is built from basic foam and epoxy/fiberglass composite construction and is similar in configuration.


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