Thursday, March 11, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 600. Empty wt. 310. Fuel capacity 7.5. Wingspan 17'2". Length 12'6".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 140. Cruise mph 130. Stall mph 42. Climb rate 700 fpm. Takeoff run 300. Landing roll 800. Range 500.

The Taylor Monoplane with a wingspan of almost 22 feet prompted Rand’s original concept. Rand ended up with a wing that had a wider chord but spanned only 17 feet, and the airplane weighed 150 pounds less than the Monoplane. Powered by a Volkswagen engine, it can squeeze 32 miles out of a gallon of automotive gas. The structure of the KR-1 combines both conventional and unconventional materials. The ship is basically a wooden box with polystyrene foam to round out the aerodynamic shape; it is covered with 4-ounce Dynel fabric and epoxy resins. The wings are modeled after the airfoil of the British Spitfire. Retractable gear adds to its performance.


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