Friday, April 16, 2010


Exec 162F

STANDARD DATA: SCORPION Gross wt. 1,250. Empty wt. 800. Fuel capacity 10. Rotor diameter 25'. Length 27'. Engine 133-hp RotorWay.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 95. Cruise mph 80-90. Climb rate 800. Range 120. Ceiling 10,000. Hover I.G.E. 6,500.

STANDARD DATA: EXEC 162F Gross wt. 1500. Empty wt. 975. Fuel capacity 17. Rotor diameter 25'. Engine 162 cu. in. RotorWay RI 162F.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 115. Cruise mph 95. Stall mph. Climb rate 800. Range 180. Ceiling 10,000. Hover I.G.E. 7,000.

RotorWay is one of the great aviation stories, beginning in the mid-sixties and continuing today to offer one of the most time-tested kit built helicopters. The open-cabin single-seat Scorpion I came out in 1967, and in 1970, a two-cycle powerplant rated at 125 hp became available. In 1975, RotorWay developed its own four-cylinder engine to better meet the helicopter’s requirements for a two-person load and an empty-vehicle weight of less than 700 pounds. The Scorpion rotor system incorporates an elliptical hub plate designed to withstand stresses many times those encountered during operation. Its enclosed cabin is constructed of lightweight fiberglass.

In 1980, a whole new look evolved with the birth of the Exec, the grandfather of the current model, the Exec 162F. Helicopters from RotorWay International’s customers have won top EAA Awards almost every year since 1990. The company is now employee owned.


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