Friday, April 16, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 770. Empty wt. 525. Fuel capacity 10. Wingspan 23'8". Length 20'10". Engine 90 hp.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 190. Cruise mph 150. Stall mph 67. Climb rate 2,300. Ceiling 19,000+. Takeoff run 650. Landing roll 650. Range 300.

The Sapphire is a single-seat racing airplane of allwood construction designed by Claude Piel, who is famous for his Emeraude Diamant and Beryl designs. The airplane is stressed for the load factors of +12Gs and -9Gs at the maximum takeoff weight of 770 pounds. The Sapphire can accommodate any engine from 50 to 100 hp. Its wing is fully cantilevered and tapered for minimum drag and has a tip-to-tip laminated box spar to avoid heavy root fittings and wing alignment problems. The fuselage consists of three bulkheads and is entirely plywood covered. The cockpit offers plenty of room for any pilot.


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