Friday, April 16, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 2,250. Empty wt. 1,650. Fuel capacity 50. Wingspan 18'. Length 18'. Engine 200-hp Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 130. Cruise mph 105. Stall mph 45. Climb rate 400. Takeoff run 1,200. Landing roll 1,000. Range 525.

Sawyer’s objective for constructing this vehicle was to prove the stability, controllability, and capability of such a radical low-aspect-ratio aircraft. The size for this type of aircraft is unlimited due to the nature of its lifting-body design. The Skyjacker is cheap to build because there are no compound curves, highly stressed areas, or complex control systems. The design will not stall or spin and has no rudders. The Skyjacker is not yet marketed as a sporting aircraft, but is a two-seat research vehicle of all-metal construction.


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