Friday, April 16, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Seats 2. Gross wt. 1,400. Empty wt. 725. Fuel capacity 26. Engine 80-hp Rotax 912.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 123. Cruise mph 112. Initial climb rate 1,200. Ceiling n/a. Range 618. Takeoff distance (50) 230. Landing distance (50) 220.

Now sold as the SkyStar Vixen, this is a two-place fixed-trigear sportplane designed to give the sport flier a newer and more up-to-date look as well as good performance with STOL capabilities. Construction is conventional steel-tube, wood, and fabric covering. A 32-foot wing is available as an option. Two adults and more than 150 pounds of baggage can be accommodated.


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