Friday, May 21, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 1,680. Empty wt. 1,080. Fuel capacity 340. Wingspan 24'. Length 19'. Engine 180-hp Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 145. Cruise mph 130. Stall mph 50. Climb rate 2,500. Ceiling 18,000. Takeoff run 400. Range 450.

The Skybolt is a two-seat acrobatic biplane designed by Lamar Steen. It first flew in 1970 and received the EAA award for “Best School Project.” The Skybolt is stressed to +12Gs and -10Gs. The fabric-covered wings are built around two spruce spars. The fuselage is a fabric- covered welded steel tube structure. The aircraft can be fitted with engines ranging in size from 125 to 260 hp.


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