Friday, May 21, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 1,100. Empty wt. 720. Fuel capacity 19. Wingspan 20'8". Length 18'9".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 145. Cruise mph 115. Stall mph 45. Climb rate 1,200. Takeoff run 450. Landing roll 550. Range 345.

It’s not difficult to mistake the Foo Fighter for a Pfalz, a Spad, or an Albatross, but the plane that actually inspired this design was the Alcock A-1, a World War I warbird that resembles the Sopwith Pup. One distinguishing feature of the Foo Fighter is its lower wing that crosses below the fuselage, aft of the gear, and attaches on the centerline. The airframe is built from steel tubing and covered with fabric. A Ford Falcon auto engine was installed first, but a 130-hp
Franklin Sport Four also can be used.


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