Friday, May 21, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 1,190. Empty wt. 750. Fuel capacity 25. Wingspan 19'. Length 15'9".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 180. Cruise mph 165. Stall mph 70. Climb rate 3,000. Takeoff run 300. Landing roll 800. Range 360.

First introduced in 1973, the SA-700 Acroduster I is a single-seat fully aerobatic biplane suitable for engines in the 125- to 200-hp range. Its fuselage is an all-metal structure constructed from lightweight alloy, and the wings are conventional two-spar structures with spruce spars, plywood ribs, and fabric covering. A unique feature of the Acroduster I is that when the stick is pulled back, all four ailerons are raised slightly to help maintain aileron control when the airplane is stalled in a normal attitude. The opposite happens when the stick is pushed forward to aid control when the airplane is in an inverted stall.


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