Friday, May 21, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross Gross wt. 1,650. Empty wt. 1,020. Fuel capacity 28. Wingspan 24'11". Length 20'7". Engine 150-hp Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 234. Cruise mph 182. Stall mph 48. Climb rate 1,800. Ceiling 19,000. Range 960. Takeoff run 1,850. Landing run 1,200.

Designer Wayne Barton used a beefed-up Emeraude fuselage and a Minicab wing of 24'11" span and 110 sq.ft. area (fully cantilevered with 15-percent rib chord at the root) for the Sylkie. In building the fuselage, the standard right side and left side frame construction method was used. In building the Minicab wing, the spar center sections were strengthened to provide a 9+G ultimate load factor for a 1,200-pound frame. Landing gear retracts, and dual controls are called for with brakes on the left side only. Three fuel tanks are located inside the fuselage with a 28-gallon fiberglass main tank aft of the passenger seats below the baggage compartment. The stabilator was designed with a 12-degree rotation capability around its single spar, which is built in two units. The engine is enclosed in a conventional fiberglass cowling with the nose gear door hinged to the aft part of the cowl. Dacron covering and Randolph’s fabric dope finish everything off.


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