Friday, May 21, 2010


STANDARD DATA: 60 hp) Gross wt. 800. Empty wt. 500. Fuel capacity 12+. Wingspan 25'. Length 16'.
PERFORMANCE: Cruise mph 150+. Stall mph 48. Climb rate 1,200. Takeoff run 800. Range 500.

The Mini-Imp is a single-seat version of the twoseat Imp. It features an unusual configuration with a pusher prop aft of an inverted V-type tail assembly and cantilevered high wing that folds back for towing and storage. The wing is the latest NASA design with a spoiler and flaps. The retractable gear is the tricycle spring-legged type. A controllable propeller is available. Power is provided by any engine from 60 to 115 hp. The most common engines are the 60-hp Franklin, 60- hp Limbach VW, 70-hp Turbo Revmaster VW, 80-hp Turbo Kawasaki (1,000cc), 100-hp Continental, and 115-hp Avco Lycoming Modification. The aluminum and fiberglass Mini-Imp requires a minimum of tools to construct, and all hard-to-build parts are available. It offers unequaled safe flyability and stability, positive spiral stability, limited aerobatic capability (stressed to 9 Gs), and good fuel economy (3.5 gph).


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