Friday, May 21, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 1,950. Empty wt. 1,200. Fuel capacity 24-50. Wingspan 36-37'. Length 20'-22'.
PERFORMANCE: Cruise mph 100-130. Stall mph 45-50. Climb rate 600-1,000. Takeoff run (land) 200. Takeoff time (water) 10-12 sec.

The Model A differs from the Model B in that it can be fitted with a fiberglass hull; the Model B has a twinboom tail. The amphibian is basically of wood construction and can be built by anyone with basic manual training experience using ordinary tools. Power can be supplied by any engine from 150 to 220 hp with a controllable propeller. The Coot is a comfortable two-place ship with side-by-side seating and dual controls. The folding wings make road towing and home storage possible. (Molt Taylor emphasizes with all his aircraft designs that performance and specification figures are greatly dependent on such variables as engine size, fuel capacity, etc.)


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