Friday, May 21, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 658. Empty wt. 432. Wingspan 23'6". Length 15'1".
Top mph 95. Cruise mph 83. Landing mph 38. Climb rate 450. Ceiling 6,000. Takeoff run 350. Landing roll 400. Range 150.

The original Termite, designed by Wilbur Smith, was powered by a 36-hp, Aeronca engine, but since then other engines such as the 38-hp Continental and the 65-hp Lycoming have been used. The Termite is a single-seat sporting monoplane with a braced parasoltype wing. Its wing structure is built with two wooden spars, an aluminum leading edge, and fabric covering aft of the front spar. The fuselage is an all-wood structure with plywood covering from the rear of the cockpit forward and fabric covering aft. The tail section is also fabric covered. The Termite’s landing gear is a Piper Cub type.


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