Friday, May 21, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 456. Empty wt. 306. Fuel capacity 5. Wingspan 23'9". Length 15'9".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 95. Cruise mph 85. Stall mph 34. Climb rate 600. Takeoff run 195. Landing roll 150. Range 200.

Few homebuilts weigh less than this VW-powered mid-wing model. The Troyer Sportplane weighs only 306 pounds empty. Oddly enough, it has a welded steeltube fuselage and tail assembly. Its wings use spruce spars and ribs built from 1/4-inch square spruce, ply gusseted. Steel tubing also forms the flying struts for the wing, but a little balsa wood is used for fairing. Power is supplied by either the Heath B4 or a converted VW engine.


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