Wednesday, June 30, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 1,050. Empty wt. 750. Fuel capacity 18. Wingspan 22'3". Length 19'5".
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 170. Cruise mph 145. Stall mph 52. Climb rate 900. Takeoff run 850. Landing roll 750. Range 450.

The Turner airplane family got started in 1958. First aircraft in the series was the T-40, a sleek, hot little single-seater that won the 1961 “Outstanding Design” trophy at the Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-in. Of all-wood construction and featuring a sliding-hood canopy, the T-40 was first powered by a 65-hp engine and did without all the frills associated with an electrical system. In this form, it cruised at 128 mph and blitzed along at 145 mph with the throttle fire walled. Later, an 85-hp, package was added.

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