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STANDARD DATA: (RV-4) Seats 2. Gross wt. 1,500. Empty wt. 905. Fuel capacity 32. Engine 160-hp Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 205. Cruise mph 194. Initial climb rate 2,050. Ceiling 25,000. Range 650. Takeoff distance 300. Landing distance 300.

STANDARD DATA: (RV-6 and 6A) Seats 2. Gross wt. 1,600. Empty wt. 965. Fuel capacity 38. Engine 160-hp 0-320 Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 202. Cruise mph 191. Initial climb rate 1,900. Ceiling 21,500. Range 775. Takeoff distance 300. Landing distance 300.

STANDARD DATA: RV9A Seats 2. Gross wt. 1750. Empty wt. 1075 Fuel capacity 36. Engine 160-hp Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top cruise mph 194. Cruise mph 186. Stall 50 mph. Initial climb rate 1,400 fpm. Ceiling 18,500'. Takeoff distance 475'. Landing distance 450'. Range 700-850 nm.

STANDARD DATA: RV10 Seats 4. Gross wt. 2700. Empty wt. 1520. Fuel capacity 60. Engine 260-hp IO-540 Lycoming.
PERFORMANCE: Top cruise mph 208. Cruise mph 197. Stall 63 mph. Initial climb rate 1,450 fpm. Ceiling 20,000'. Takeoff distance 500'. Landing distance 650'. Range 825-1,000 nm.

Van’s RV series of home and kit-built aircraft are among the most popular kit airplanes. The combination of performance, low cost, case of construction, and overall good looks seems to be a winning one. Construction is conventional aluminum alloy riveted together without complex panels or compound curves. All of the RV aircraft are capable of sport aerobaticsand have exceptional STOL capabilities. The RV-3 is an all-metal single-seat sportplane with a conventional gear. The RV-4 is the two-place tandem version of the RV-3 with a slightly longer wingspan. The RV-6 and RV-6A are side-by-side two-seat sportplanes that are designed for excellent touting and sport flying. The RV-6A has the exact airframe as the RV-6 but incorporates a tricycle rather than a conventional gear.

Further evolution brought the side-by side RV7 and RV7A, the tandem-seat RV8/RV8A and RV9/V9A (with both conventional and tricycle gear). In 2003, Van’s Aircraft introduced their first four-seat design, the RV10.


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