Wednesday, June 30, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 888. Empty wt. 534. Fuel capacity 24. Wingspan 20'. Length 17'.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 145. Cruise mph 133. Stall mph 54. Climb rate 2,000. Takeoff run 175. Landing roll 250. Range 532.

Though modeled after World War I fighters, the Der Jager is not a replica. Its builder, Marshall White, patterned the wing shape after that of the German Albatross. The tail assembly is patterned after that of the Fokker D-7, and the gear after that of the FockeWulf “Strosser.” The frameworks of the fuselage and the tail group are of welded-steel tube that is fabric covered. The wings are wood with no flaps. The prototype was fitted with a 115-hp Lycoming, but the airplane is so light that anything down to the Volkswagen 1,600cc engine will fly it nicely.


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