Wednesday, June 30, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Seats 4. Gross wt. 2,400. Empty wt. 1,400. Fuel capacity 70. Engine 210-hp Continental 10-360.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 280. Cruise mph 265. Initial climb rate 1,900. Ceiling 20,000. Range 1,600. Takeoff distance (50) 1,300. Landing distance (50) 1,300.

During the past 15-20 years, composite construction of homebuilt aircraft has taken a firm hold of the technology and rewritten the rules regarding form and function. Now it is feasible to let the imagination fly and allow the most fluid and streamlined of aerodynamic shapes to become reality. One of these products is the White Lightning. This craft falls into the sleekand-speedy four-place-composite dream-machine group. The configuration is conventional, but frontal area and overall wetted area are greatly trimmed to the minimum thanks to composite technology. This makes for great performance and efficiency specs as well as being quite pleasing aesthetically. Seating is for four with the two rear passengers facing aft with legs pointing to the tail. This seating arrangement allows for a less-critical CG. Although the White Lightning is a tight package, there is ample room for any avionics complement a pilot should need. The Jackson Fields Mathews Company announced it has acquired the rights to the White Lightning and will re-launch the aircraft plans.


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