Wednesday, June 30, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 960. Empty wt. 630. Fuel capacity 15. Wingspan 22'. Length 19'6". Engine 100-hp Continental. PERFORMANCE: Top mph 125. Cruise mph 110. Stall mph 48. Climb rate 820. Takeoff run (50') 1,000. Landing run (50') 1,000. Range 400.

The Mono-Z is a single-place scaled-down version of the original Zenith. It offers maximum operating economy with VW power at a 3-gph cruise. Detachable wings leave an 8-footwide section for easy road towing; only 20 minutes are required to install both wings. It is stressed for 9Gs, and it becomes a powerful aerobatic performer with a 100-hp engine. Powerplant possibilities range from the VW 1,600cc to 100-hp Continental.


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