Wednesday, June 30, 2010


STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 1,850. Empty wt. 1,100. Fuel capacity 34. Wingspan 26'6". Length 21'6". Engine 150 hp.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 160. Cruise mph 143. Stall mph 53. Climb rate 1,000. Takeoff run (50') 1,400. Landing run (50') 1,400. Range 530.

The natural step up from the Zenith is this threepassenger version. Designed primarily to satisfy the need for a good cross-country performer that falls into the sportplane category, the Tri-Z can be fitted with medium power engines in the 125 to 180-hp category. With only two persons in the front seats, the rear bench can be covered with 210 pounds of baggage. The Tri-Z easily adapts to floats or taildragger options and is easy to fly. It has docile handling characteristics.


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