Friday, May 1, 2009



STANDARD DATA: Seats 104-140. Gross wt. 127,870. Empty wt. 70,100. Fuel capacity 5,808. Engines two 14,500-lb. s.t. Pratt & Whitney turbofans.
PERFORMANCE: Top cruise mph 505. Range 2,367. Takeoff run 8,070. Landing roll 4,985.

As one of the first jet airliners, the French-built twinjet Caravelle has provided short- to medium-range service to more than 30 airlines since 1959. The first Model I Caravelles carry 61-80 passengers. Nine models later, the last produced, the Caravelle 12 carries 104-140 passengers and is almost 14 feet longer than the original design. Turbojet and turbofan powerplants have been provided by Rolls-Royce, General Electric, and Pratt & Whitney. Thrust increased from approximately 10,600 pounds to 14,500 pounds. As the Caravelle’s capacities increased, not only was there the usual increase in fuselage strength and wing and tail surface areas, but the windshield area also expanded for greater cockpit visibility. An auxiliary power unit (APU) was added to provide for self-contained air-conditioning and other power needs while on the ground. Many Caravelles were equipped with the Aerospatiale/Lear-Seigler all-weather landing system.


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